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The staff of Planck is dedicated to the effects of technological and societal changes that actual take place in high developed economies. One of the ways they choose in the process of getting a direct touch with this developments is making business plans adjusted or based on these developments. A list of these research projects you find on this page. This page gives an insight view on the strategical thinking development within the staff of Planck. These projects are also all ready for realisation. To make it not to easy for lazy competitors: the real names of projects are different from the ones below, also are beneath descriptions not actual updated and sometimes on purpose pointed in other directions. Information and/or venturing requests regarding these projects can be send to venturing@planck.org.



European Properties is a technical marketing model for real-estate that lifts local real estate projects out of the narrow and congested local markets and puts these real estate projects in the width european market. Bringing over-supply to short-on-supply has always been a good market model. European Properties brings european economy to european regions with economical problems by creating economical import of rich people and active corporations. European Properties works with a joint-venture, a joint-revenue or a joint-development model with an independent online administration for each real estate project.



Holland Cluster Freiberg is a high-tech-facility cluster location in Central Europe for companies who have their roots and headquarters in Holland. These companies can start in this cluster location relatively simple a Central European operation. In Holland Cluster Freiberg are all necessary business facilities and technology instant available. Holland Cluster Freiberg is focused on Holland based companies who wants to be more present in the center of their mayor markets, instead of just staying on the side of these mayor markets in Holland. The centrifugal forces of the European Market makes a Central European presence a priority issue for dutch companies. A total of 11.646 square meter of offices, expo space, demo space, small stores, warehouses, production, assembly, logistics, etc, etc, concentrated on an 34.674 square meter sized park-like area with enough space for further extension with new buildings. A modern version of the age-old but proven very successful Holland Colony concept. The park has a beautiful natural balance between working inside buildings and sometimes easy relaxation outside the buildings. Between de buildings their are much trees and the business park has also an own nature park within the area boundaries. In the middle of the village square are five flagstaffs: one with the flag of Holland, one with the flag of Germany, one with the flag of Poland, one with the flag of the Czechia and one for the flag of Europe. Holland Cluster Freiberg is a project of EuropeanCluster.com: A corporation dedicated to actual a-political corporate European Integration by realization of "national and functional business parks abroad".



EuropeanClusters.Com takes advantage of the growing continentalization of economies. European Clusters creates both national and functional business parks in Central Europe, European Countries and Overseas. EuropeanClusters.com supports companies by their European Integration and Overseas Expansion and makes doing European and Global Business instant possible for them. European clusters operates the following concepts: 1) National specialized corporate clusters in Central Europe (Holland Cluster Freiberg, American Cluster Europe, etc. etc). 2) Functional specialized corporate clusters in Central Europe (Euro Parcel Cluster Airport, Software Cluster Europe, etc. etc). 3) National specialized corporate clusters in all EU countries (French Cluster Holland, French Cluster Sweden, etc. etc). 4) Functional specialized corporate clusters in all EU countries (National Parcel Clusters, National Biotech Clusters etc. etc). 5) European corporate clusters in world regions outside the EU (European Cluster China, European Cluster USA, etc. etc). European Clusters is a joint venture of European Development and European Capital. EuropeanCluster.com is dedicated to actual a-political corporate European Integration by realization of "national and functional business parks abroad". National and regional governments can contact us for realization of national or functional business parks in their country or region.



LandLive is a new luxurious and active hotel concept that can be operationed globally. It is based on the wish/need for authenticity and focused on (semi)wealthy people of 30 till 55 year who wants to experience a week of intense both rest and action in an attractive combination. All LandLive locations are in magnifying surroundings and by its building and it in- and exterior a high emotional relaxing input on people. The locations are small scaled, the food is very good and very natural and with dedication made in an open old home like kitchen. The ambiance is strongly luxury, authentic home like. The action part of the LandLive hotels is both internal (computers, dvd's, painting, art, sauna, fitness, garden, animals, etc, etc) and external (quads, walking, hunting, jet-skiing, surfing, sailing, bicycling, etc, etc). The total package of LandLive is completely addictional. LandLive makes the current city hotels to cold, boring places and concepts of the past. More info can be found in the extended description (only in the dutch language) in PDF format, which can be found on www.landlive.net/landlive.pdf.



User Driven Media exploitates several media models where the media user plays the main role. All this media are mainly slightly editorial managed data engine structures which are mostly filled by the own media users with content. The role of the media management is mainly facilitative, combined with a little content editoring. This media model has a very low cost structure, but the market share in media consumption time is significant. This media consumption time and/or exposure can be turned into income by both advertising and affiliating. This income stream opens the possibility for a total media market rocking joint-revenue exploitation model, where the information submitting users gets half of the income earned by page views on the submitted information. This payments stimulates the further development of the user driven media both in quantity and in quality. User driven media are not only an interesting business model, they are also a very powerful contribution to an open en free democratic society. The power of some mass media gets very weakened by user driven media, just because user driven media will take over a mayor part of the market share in media consumption time from the current mayor mass media. This will have an enormous positive effect on information diversity in media content and opinions. There are user driven media possible on almost any subject: profession, interest, sport, city, village can be integrated in one single user driven data engine. There are no technical limits for the number of communities within this concept. Each user can submit text en images. On each subject (and even on each submission) is standard forum technology connected.



Local Action is an online database where people all over the world can submit their local events. Visitors can this way see everything that's going on in their city or village. The purpose of this information model is stimulation of neighborhood leisure. An very ideological and ecological vision packed in a hard, cold, emotionless, very commercial engine. The concept is based on local input and therefore can be brought up per city, without any engine sized editorial work. Local people takes care of the input en uses the data. Therefore the concept can be promoted worldwide but it's success is not depending on overall global acceptance. The concept will be launched with a global press attraction campaign based on the ideological and ecological characteristics. The exploitation costs are very low, because the digital engine does all the work. The income stream is based on both advertising and affiliating. The advertising sales is also engine driven en therefore completely place-it-your-self designed, which results is 100% nett income of each placement. The other income source is affiliating with e-commerce engines.



Artist Barn is a new style (more on actual, than on historical techniques based) record company for artists. Artists who want checks in advance must go on with this bagging behavior by the traditional record companies. Artists who wants to build their own career are welcome in the Artist Barn concept. Artist Barn is a set of marketing tools for artists who want to build their own carrier and not let some marketing folks tell them what to do. The income stream for an artist is controversial: The served target group can donate artist income from all well known payment solutions. The fee of Artist Barn for all services is only 10% of the online artist income, all other income is fully 100% for the artist, without any fee deduction. Daily building further on once career in music was never more reality. Artist Barn place the artists and their music central. Marketing people must support an artist and not guide them to destinations artists don't want to go. Artists who wants to stay screwed by record companies: Good Luck. Artists who wants a combination of both artistical freedom and working on an nice income: Come in. Artist Barn will suit you. Like food is more than McDonalds is music is more than Bridney Spears.



Continental Gateways is concepting worlds largest data network based on peering. Data hotel companies suffers from mega vacancy / to high capacity problems. They all have structural substantial more costs than income. Data cable companies suffers from mega vacancy / to high capacity problems. Data router companies suffers from to high capacity problems since the implosion of the internet bubble. Production costs are only a small part of their costs: the development en marketing costs now must be paid by less sold units. Continental Gateways combines this three over capacities to one new product. Continental Gateways incorporates per connected datacenter an US based corporation with a huge number of shares. Continental Gateways trade share per location with a router manufacturer. Than Continental Gateways trade share for lines between data centers. On both sides of the lines data can be handled at almost zero costs by peering (peering is both side free traffic handling). This way Continental Gateways will build worlds the most qualitative, less operational cost virtual data network. They also have structural substantial more costs than income.



Symbosis.Net designs worlds largest WIFI network, connected by any type of local loop connections, based on a joint revenue authorization technology with the local loop users. Each internet connected local user can become an internet access provider by this technology and earn income based on transported volume. The WIFI user station is modified and has a control function. Owners can control their own bandwidth completely and offer their rest bandwidth to external WIFI users. The system is based on own (distributed) authorization data structure. Will be tunneled completely, even from initial handshake communication and related login. Theft of access codes by the local loop providing consumer is therefore not possible. The technology will be both licensed to internet access providers as operated independent. Consumers who wants to become local loop providers and get a small additional income this way, can buy these equipment on credit, financed by an in private consumer products specialized company. The modified equipment will have the same price as other similar WIFI equipment and will also be distributed by general and computer retail. This WIFI concept will dramatically implode the income of both Cable and ADSL providers and operators. This conclusion is based on the current market drift to the cheaper (low bandwidth) ADSL subscriptions: People wants to be online, but searches for the cheapest solution in both wired and wireless connection.



Silicon Linux is anticipating on the automation of the automation itself. First there is the development a improved Linux version based on the FreeBSD distribution which contains packages for all general office functions, second the development of web interfaces for configuration of all this packages to specific company and user demands (so there is not any Linux knowledge more needed by Linux users), third the development of terra based computer server technology (producing internet connected servers by implanting the latest available technologies in components) and many managed services all in one deal. The marketing uses very actual technical marketing models and is therefore more effective and less costful.



European Purchase supports companies with more than 250 employees by sharpening there purchase models. European Purchase her income is the first purchase price reduction of each purchase. Further price reductions are completely for the corporation concerned. This fee model makes joining European Purchase attractive for these companies.



Time Expo develops a plan for a museum-like setting hosted in the former Ship Historical Museum location in Ketelhaven on the IJsselmeer in Holland. The location will be divided in three sections: Past (25%), Present (25%), Future (50%). The sections displays the living situation of mankind in these periods. The future section takes relatively double (50%) of the floor space and displays the life, work and housing of the next generations.



Future Explorer develops a TV format with a view on the development of the world in the next 5, 10, 15, 20 en 25 years. A view on human society (technological and social) in the near future: A visualizing of how life will be an 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years from now. Future Explorer exploitates a TV concept in which in each show a separate facet of tomorrows technology (and the impact of this on society) will be highlighted. What will a shop look like in 10 years form now? What will the appearance of the media be in 10 years from now. All people everywhere are highly interested in the things the future will bring, so this TV concept (and the included future knowledge) can be exported to many countries.



Sharpville exploitates future thinking seminars for corporate management, politicians and reporters. On these days they can (in groups of 5-10 people) open their mind for future thinking (when this is done, future thinking become an easy natural process). A day in relaxing country ambiance based environments. Filled with repeated one quarter of an hour a subject introduction by Graafland, half an hour public discussions by a host and one quarter of an hour private mutual discussions with anyone they want to discuss that specific issue with. Partners and children are also welcome on these locations (they can attend to parallel giving small scale recreational painting classes).



Media Vision Corporation thinks (with many, many others) that the presence of a wide diversity of free independent media has an enormous positive effect on societies anywhere. Independent media prevents power concentration and power abuse by individuals, corporations, organizations, religions, politicians and governments. A healthy economical exploitation of independent media is always under pressure its own nature: the facets that makes a media independent and attractive (high quality independent research journalism) to target groups are also the facets that threats their economical existence. Own research is more expensive as just without checking facts writing down what people and organizations in or out power talks. Independent media needs profit, just to stay independent. Without profit their future and their independency is seriously threatened. Profit can only be made when not every issue is digged to the bottom. Therefore has successful independent media editors that knows when to dig and when to walk in a way their target groups respect. In the past media concentration was the answer of media corporations on the issue of cost reduction, target group extension and advertisers attraction. This media concentration has lead to less media diversity and therefore automatically to less independency, less diverse research journalism. Simple said: it has made just more of the same. In the new millennium is (just like in food) more of the same, no longer a valid marketing model for media content. All societies worldwide became more and more fragmentized for many sociological and technical reasons and this defragmenting development is not even seriously started yet. Internet technology makes it possible to serve this fragmented specific target groups with specific information they want to have for very low distribution prices and with attractive on this targeting based income streams. Societies become fragmentized and media must follow this process or get bankrupt. Media concentration is stopped and will partial be turned back, just because people turn their back to more of the same. The problem is that the media industry is not ready for fragmentation. This request a change of direction heading. Media Vision Corporation supports the CEO's of media that boost their independency and research quality by advising them in taking the necessary steps for serving fragmentized target groups both good in quality and exploitation.



Media Income Corporation concludes that both advertising and content fees are no longer the solid income streams for media like they where in the past. Both of these income streams are still but strong descending. This is coursed by conjectural issues, but also heavy by some structural changes that has made the today's world forever different from yesterdays world. Media Income Corporation makes technology that will connect media to the media income source of the future: affiliating. Affiliating is not less and not more than giving media a piece of economical pie. It gives media a piece of the action of each purchase the target group on a media does. So the future media income streams will have an important third component based on an online affiliating marketing technologies. This new income source will functioning as substitute for the descending advertising placements and incomes and descending distribution numbers and incomes. The media market is full grown: People in western societies have reached the full media consumption level and from that point. The total advertising budget in societies also have reached their full grown status. Both full grown situations gives a media market model that is no longer based on growth, but has become much more comparative to media that serves similar target groups. Growth is only possible by absorption of third party target groups both for media users, as for media advertisers. Further is the way of advertising a not easy to measure marketing model: In an information society is the "we hope we will core" model of advertising not longer a valid tool for marketing budget managers. The affiliating based marketing model gives an 100% score insight for both publishers and advertisers. This mayor "we know that we score" benefit of affiliating is much more attractive, than the old "we hope that we score" model. Media Income Corporation will be the new name of the Affiliating.Info model. Just technical things that can be realized by own technology will be developed additional to the external affiliating interfaces. This concerns the domain, hosting, blogging, music and access market. It will also add bookmark, link and other interesting basic technology to media as additional services.



Affiliating.Info is an advertising replacing media income model for media. Affiliating.Info is a corporation who has invest in the descending markets of advertising, which hits the quality and future of media directly in their incomes. Global Affiliating has global database structures (national implanted) between media and web stores and web services. The target of Affiliating.Info is giving media a piece of the action of each purchase the target group on a media does. The process and the technology (not the latest version) can be seen online. Affiliating.Info integrates stat, ad, shop and directory tech in one.



Media Support Corporation is dedicated to facilitation of media by offering them internet technology. Doing this it cut the costs of media exploitation and gives media more functionality. It a layer build beneath the technology of Media Income Corporation. Just technical things that can be realized by technology will be developed additional to the external affiliating interfaces. This concerns the domain, hosting, blogging, music and access market. It will also add things like bookmark, ad, link and other interesting basic technology to media as additional services.



Blog Hub develops online blog technology for online publishers, so that they can add this function to their online media. Blogging (user views collected per user) will be the next phase in publishing. The power of publishing issues will be eroded by blogging. Media that enables blogging can use blogging for growing from less facet reporting to multi facet reporting. Media will be sharped by blogging, they will grow by blogging or they will suffer from blogging. In Holland is Micha Kat his blogging concerning NRC Handelsblad a famous example of the fact that blogging corrects the earlier almost unlimited power of a high named media.



Radio Hub develops online radio broadcasting technology with an integrated advertising model. Media can use audio clips or even 24/7 live audio broadcasting by this technology for free by this hub. The advertising is target group bound and will be acquired by Global Advertising.



Video Hub develops online video or TV broadcasting technology with an integrated advertising model. Media can display videos by this hub. Before each video 15 seconds advertising is added. The advertising is target group bound and will be acquired by Global Advertising.



Phone Hub develops online voice over ip hub.



Music Recycling develops an album recycling online department store model for relatively old material based on the income needs of entertainment industry and the market demand for not actual music. This model gives the entertainment industry income from now economical dead material. People can download high quality versions of old music, tvprograms and movies for a very little fee. The height of the fee is just leveled on the balance point between free filesharing and low paid file distribution. The low price will give quality of material, high download speeds and effective search structures. The price per unit will be that low that people will choose for this high quality giving and artist supporting distribution model instead for low quality copy downloading on free P2P networks like Kazaa.



Game Hub develops online game technology for game publishers. Online gaming is the future of gaming. People are social, their brains needs to interact with other people. Online team gaming is much more interesting for gamers and has also much more revenue perspectives for publishers than stand-alone gaming.



Doc Hub puts electronic documents and/or e-books (mostly PDF files) for governments and companies on high bandwidth heavy duty servers for users of file sharing networks and search engines. File sharing engines/services like Kazaa are getting more and more important as way of searching documents by web users. By Doc Hub companies and governments can make their documents available to this mass audience without the need of connecting their own information systems to this insecure environments or bandwidth congestion.



Interesting People is a traditional/online mixed publisher of biographies of CEO's. Interesting People publishes this biographies of captains of industry on their own costs. Both on the internet and in retail. Normal publishers are targeted to exploitation of a title, but Interesting People is focused on putting as many copies as possible of the right places on the earth. Captains of industry has giant ego's and are interesting for the things they are and have realized. Interesting People takes care of creating, production, publishing and promotion of their biographies in both person's mothers language and in English.



Global Press is a company who is building and maintaining a country by country database with specialization and interest fields of all mayor journalists. Income is not generated by selling database data, but by communicating for companies and governments by subject motivations and subject temptations by email for attractive project prices. By the enormous power of this multiplying information stream, only non provocative issues are handled by Global Press.



Global Advertising will operate an online advertising auction. Media has a lot of advertising capacity to much. Global Advertising is a company who has a global database structure for supply and demand of advertising possibilities. Advertisers gets by Global Advertising much more advertising in more targeted media than they will ever get otherwise. More advertising in more specific media is the dream of each advertiser.



Global Publishing explores publishing technology for people who don't want to publish by their self on the web. Global Publishing operates a database structure that makes publishing for companies and individuals on the internet as easy just typing. There is a lot of knowledge out there, but the barriers to publishing this knowledge on the internet are many. Global Publishing reduces by database structures this to just typing. Publishers (companies and individuals) must pay for publishing knowledge this way. They get knowledge market position as return.



Namespace is specialized in operating DNS structures for companies. Even mayor companies like Microsoft has (in this case had) badly designed and operated DNS structures, which results in days of malfunction of the internet communication from and to companies. By increasing importance of internet communication (web, email and more and more other services) companies and governments are willing to pay for an 100% always working DNS structure. Namespace maybe will be integrated in Silicon Linux.



Global Root Services facilitates domain toplevel owners in operating and exploitation of their toplevels. This future DNS technology, because there are these days only approximately 300 toplevels. The current artificial domain shortage (with all problems it causes) will be over soon. See www.icannbrief.org and www.planck.us/domains. Only cellular phones will need 1 billion domain names in the next 5 years. Global DNS operates toplevels within the technical specs the ICANN request. Global Root Services supports companies who wants their own toplevel domains (for example: .shell or .cnn or .mci) and facilitates this operational.



Global Directory Services is specialized in Redundant Directory Structures. NDS is Novell Directory Services. NDS connects servers worldwide and users to this servers. The use of NDS reduces the need of information system staff with more than 75%. NDS gives companies full use of all internal data globally. Companies don't want Novell to implement NDS because Novell always want to change server technology to Novell and rather not only implants NDS. The Microsoft variant is Active Directory.



Global Redundancy offers companies and governments completely redundant server structures. By this redundancy servers can go down and the company don't see any performance difference. This redundancy has great value for both companies and governments and this value rises with the growth of the importance of digital systems. All of the functions of Global Redundancy are later transferred to the Silicon Linux Corporation.



Best Policy is a company who is building and maintaining a country by country database with specialism and interest fields of all mayor politicians. Income is not generated by selling database data, but by communicating for companies and governments by subject motivations and subject temptations by email for attractive project prices. By the enormous power of this multiplying information stream, only non provocative issues are handled by Best Policy.



MCPlug develops a standard connector for mobile devices which combines data/identity/power and can replace RJ45. MC Plug is developing a new network standard that integrates location based and wireless mobile networks. MC Plug is born by the lack of long lasting mobile energy technology for real wireless use of multi medial use of communication devices. The MC Plug standard can replace CAT5 in general use. MC Plus gives anywhere, standard, clear quality, no-radiation, identity, bandwidth and power to mobiles.



Digital Exposure is developing big digital screens in high traffic locations like train stations. The screens are LED based and are each second instant changeable by wired of wireless internet connection. The global spreading will be done by franchising partners in each country.



The ICANN brief is a vending company of a report concerning the global domain system. With 100 million private and corporate domain owners in the world and the increasing importance of DNS for telco's and banks, this report has a golden market future. The original is in the Dutch language. A translation in English is in production.



Venture Capital Media is a concept based on paid online company video feed presentations for investors. VCM wants to create an information buffer between VC's and Ventures. Both are no longer searching for just partners, but for the right partners. This because projects will only be successful if both parties are specialized in concerned technology. General VC's are descending. Ventures have become critical to VC's. VCM projects VC's and ventures on paid base. This projections will lead to better matching and better results.



The world of branding is a world of tough fighting. Fighting were information (beneath law and jurisprudential knowledge) plays an important leading role. The brand rights demanding industry is fully developed. The brand rights resisting industry is under developed. Now companies like AMEX demands the worldwide exclusive right to use express, etc, more companies wants a report of the not unique ness of names claimed by attacking companies.



American Citrus is an internet based market model for global citrus trade. With a direct digital shortcut connection between farmer and retail chain by a computer engine, lots of costs and time are saved. Lower costs: The system bypasses orgine wholesale, exporters, importers and destination wholesale, transport and stock costs. Lower costs gives farmers a higher price and retail chains a lower price. Fresher products: Orders we get harvested only 24 hour after ordering, instead of week or months before ordering. Better products: The direct relation between grower and retailer will improve quality thinking on both sides of the chain.



World Taste is a large shelf space based food formula for instant integration in the outlets of (mostly food, but also department store) retail chains, giving them very easy on less meters a product extension of 10.000 global food products with an interesting margin. The basis for this concept is the fact that western food consumption is rapidly globalizing. Not only in origin (the same belt peppers but in seasons from Spain, etc, etc), but also in types en flavors (kiwi, roti, pizza, taco's, donner kabab, paella, etc, etc). The causes of this developments are relatively simple to analyze: Mass tourism to other cultures, mass media (television and magazines) exposure of other cultures, mass immigration from all over the world and last but not least a still growing number of exotic food labels in retail retail chains. What does the concept look like in the stores? One or two shelf row of several meters (from 1 tot 20 meter) dedicated to world food. Thousands of food products from all over the world in the same packaging: All standard 150 cc glass jars with a standard label with see-though window. Each product has its own place in these special shelf. The shelf's position are not horizontal, but has an 30 degrees vertical position, taking care of an (for food mayor important) automatic first in first out guarantee, just by gravitation and giving customers the possibility to very simple take a jar. Each jar row has its own iron guidance on the shelf with turns the jar height to above in the front of the shelf, taking care of shelf ordening. Each jar row has place for maximal 12 jars and the refill packs are sealed six packs. The shelf refill logistic is based on automatic store ordering by minimal stock number of 6. The World Taste brand is supported by a website with manufactures and endusers product input structures: Things like ingredients, color locale, a forum attached to each product, possibilities of uploading recipes of each product, etc. etc. The benefits for the consumer are clear: Getting the possibility to buy 10.000 foreign products in their own nearby supermarket. The benefits for the chains of super markets and department stores are clear: Getting easy an assortment expansion of 10.000 global food products on a very low floor space occupation. The World Taste system is based on food manufactures who can sign-in in this concept. They must fill the standard jars with as many products they want. They must pay the cost of transport and storage. They must give food integrity guarantee with a penalty on problems. The initiating of World Taste is as simple as choosing the jars, layout of the standard label, making of a demo shelf, making of the website and than contacting manufactures and retail chains globally. After the concept is running and has a certain market penetration is can be sold to corporations like Unilever, or partial sold in an IPO, or just been hold by the owners.



News Technology is specialized in the concept of driving ezines and email newsletters to the highest possible distributions. Customers of News Technology gets the highest numbers of subscribers in their served markets. Because on subscription based email media and marketing to subscribers is the cheapest, fastest and most impact way of communication. Big market parties are willing to pay good money for the use of these knowledge, services and technology.



More Traffic is specialized in technology that makes websites mentioned in search engines. The importance of search engine originated traffic for companies and governments will be clear. Search engine mentioning maximalization technology is becoming a main branch of the marketing industry, where budgets are not quit low.



The Company gives companies both servers, software and education concerning the separated communication facets within businesses and governments. Doing business with The Company ensures customers that their own employees are fully able to operate this communication facet. The Company sells a mix of equipment, software, education and online support in a way never is seen. Each The Company server has an independent additional internal remote control server unit, which also control the main server's power. This makes remote control of these in customer networks located servers possible even when they are crashed). This gives maximal uptime by less management.



Invest In Diamond is an online promotion concept of the benefits of a little diamond in each personal and corporate capital management policy for securing a solid rock valued capital position. The current fashional mainstream capital streams are very heavenly damaged by many influences, making them less fashionable. The values of stocks, real estate, currencies and bonds hasn't proven stable in value the last years. In the years before 2000 the normal economic processes were mayor boosted by two influences: high stock prices and high real estate prices. Stock prices are currently only 50% of the value of 2000. The development of corporate des-integrity is only one part of this problem. But it doesn't contribute very well to the position of stocks on the capital market. Stories like Grasso (former president Wall Street) who has take an $ 146.000.000 fee are also not contributing to the market position of stocks. It projects a anti-trustful ambiance of more taking than giving, which doesn't attract capital to the stock market. Real estate prices are still high, but under very heavenly pressure. Houses has become to expensive in relation to income levels. High house prices are nice, but the mortgage must be paid and by very high house prices the mortgage levels can become to high. People without own capital now must work both till they are 30, just to pay the mortgage, but there is a critical level in the amount of work people can do for paying their house. This critical level is reached and can only be heightened by living units of 3 instead of 2 people and this is for most people not an attractive perspective. House prices are over their top. If the value of an house in 5 years doubles some of the value must be air based. The prices of commercial real estate will also going down, just caused by enormous overcapacity, based on economical, technical and social developments. So the economical motor of purchase power by financing of real estate doesn't boost economy also no longer. When real estate prices will go down, this will have the same size negative effect on the purchase power of involved economy as the price rise has had. Mayor fluctuation of real estate prices are even bad for stability as mayor fluctuation of currency values. What about other capital storage possibilities? Corporate bonds has proven to be much less surely than promoted an issuing. In the last years many large corporations has freed themselves from heavenly bond burdens by Chapter 11 constructions. Storing capital in currencies has also proven to be not free of mayor risks. Governmental bonds like the ones of the USA federal government are also very fluctuational in value. For investors out of other currency area's than the USA (and directly by currency value leveled area's as China) USA federal bonds are the best way to lose money by the current fall of the value of the US Dollar. What is an interest of 7% (before inflation deduction), if the overall value by currency value has dropped 50% in value? Currencies in cash or bank located currency amounts in own currency are also not a completely safe harbor for capital positions. Cash amounts are eroded by inflation. Bank currencies gives some interest and this is mostly a little more than the inflation rate, so inflation doesn't erode this capital position. But holding capital in own currencies (cash or bank located) is not without risk. Ask the people in Argentina if they have profit from local currency both cash and bank located, they have seen melt down there own currency capital like a snow pile in the sun in just several months. Governments things to easy about making debts. Especially the current administration of the Federal Government of the USA. Creating more and more debts is not a thing governments can do continuously, there comes a point of collapsing, when governments reaches the end of her debt increasing possibilities. The sad thing in this un-avoidable development is that governments who trying to do the good thing (by reducing their debt levels) will be also damaged by the effects of the behavior of the big spending governments, because the implosion of one governmental bond system, will cause that all governments globally are not able to finance their debts at an acceptable interests. This will causes non-payment of governmental salaries (like this has happened and still is going on in most parts of the former USSR). Non or too late payment of governmental officials will implode corruption and this way threaten the basic function of an open fair economical society. Why all this information? To illustrate the recent or still growing attacks on every ones private or corporate capital positions with realistic facts. Is the financial future of private people secured by pension fund institutes? Not really; the pension fund institutes suffers building on the same capital mix as describe above, so they are even vulnerable in their investments like any other capital market player, with one service benefit: they do the capital management job for the people, and with two negative facets: First: they make profit on it: profit you can have if you taking care of your own self build capital position. Second: Pension funds are magnets for Grasso-like people. Pension funds are the place to be for people, who has no other goal than letting other people pay for their overpowered own money needs. The financial world is in some cases not the open, fair version of capitalism. Therefore is taking care of own capital is not a bad concept. It is the most secure way to your own financial future. Build your own financial future based on a divers mix of capital facets. Spread your capital on as many different cards as possible. One card on the capital market people must play is the diamond card. Not heavenly, but just a little. The profitability of diamond is zero (don't believe other stories), but the value of diamond has proven to be extremely value fixed throughout all time. Diamond has proven to be the perfect personal capital card in not very restful times. They are small, fire proof, damage proof, genuine, can be transported unseen, can be hidden everywhere and can be sold everywhere and every time. The diamond card in each capital management is the covering disaster card, which proofs it function when everything else is falling apart. The diamond card is similar to the gold card in capital management, but diamond is smaller, better hiddable, more fireproof and more transportable than gold. The purpose of the diamond card is not interest pointed, but value conservation pointed. Secureness and not profit is the main target of the diamond card in personal and/or family capital management. Profit is maybe an additional facet, but must not be counted on. The marketing concept of Invest in Diamond is a seamless compilation of an informational internet site, a monthly newsletter, banner advertising and a media hype. The media hype will stand-alone be initiated, but will be build on other media hypes: Just being ready to hook up to the next stock scandal, stock krach, currency event, etc. There are yet enough Parmalat's to come (may be Unilever the next?). Large scale and fraudulence are a good functioning bad couple is many case. Big and fraud are similar in many cases, just because to big can not be controlled adequate by its size, there are to many accountancy figure hiding gaps in big corporations. Enron and Parmalat speaks for themselves concerning this issue. It will certainly be able to hype Invest In Diamond in international (and therefore also in national) media, even to CNN sized exposure. The operational concept of Invest In Diamond is divided in marketing and sales. Invest In Diamond takes only care of the voluminous online marketing and media hyping. The sales will be done by contracted local partners worldwide. Invest In Diamond will gets a 5% fee on all generated sale leads. The sales will be done in "lots" (the in the diamond world used name for a mixed set) of E 50.000. The diamonds are packed in a traditional black velvet purse. De buyers will collect the lot by their selves: The purchase will be a kind of commercial ritual. A free diamond testing equipment will be included in the deal. The pickup can be combined with the purchase of a bar of gold. Many diamond wholesalers worldwide can join the Invest In Diamond concept as connected local wholesaling supplier.



Roadpricing Technologies explores, consults, develops and realizes road pricing systems for governments. This is done in cooperation with oilco's and telco's, because actual technology reduces costs enormously and increase the nett income result of road pricing significant. Roadpricing Technologies covers two different types of roadpricing models: The oilco's based model and the telco's based model. The oilco's model is based on cooperation with the oilco's. It gives the best general roadpricing system that is possible: It is very cost effective (the highest nett income result of even 94%), is 100% function proof and guarantees 100% the autonomy of civilians and companies. The telco's model is based on cooperation with the telco's and uses current cheap and proven GSM technology and infrastructures. It costs more (nett income is as low as 75%), is less function proof and guarantees less the autonomy of civilians and companies than the oilco's model. The benefit of the telco's model is that road pricing can be bound to certain congested area's and congestion times. Their is also a combined telco's/oilco's model: Telco's registrates and oilco's collects. The corporate vision of Roadpricing Technology is that road pricing may not damage the autonomy of both civilians and companies. All developed technology is based on this principal. All other competitors in the road pricing industry fools with the autonomy of both civilians and companies. Governments will certainly (under pressure of civil and corporate rights movements) choose technology that guarantees civilians and companies their autonomy and for the solution that gives the highest nett income. The times that taxes very easily could be spilled is certainly history in today's society.



Orleans Holland was the name of the former corporation of the people behind Planck (before Orleans Holland the same people within works in the structure of Management Support Group Amsterdam CV). The corporate divisions of Orleans Holland were: Management, Strategy, Financing, Participation, Alliancing and Venturing.



VIRAIR is an online air transport corporation both for passengers and freight. VIRAIR doesn't operate own airplane operations, but only sells over-capacity of other airlines under her own brand name and by her own marketing structures. VIRAIR operates by the same allotment model as hotel bookings are placed in the market. VIRAIR is not more and not less than as airline branded internet allotment bookings engine for air seats and air freight between customers and airlines based on allotments. VIRAIR will be used by airlines (but also by parcellines and bought-allotment parties like touroperators or airfreight movers) to easily increase their capacity levels and flight incomes. VIRAIR will be used by passengers and freight movers to get easily the best fares available anywhere in the market on any route and anytime. VIRAIR will be by press attraction in all global media promoted as the most environmental friendly airline in the world. This mayor media appealing proposition facet will create a quick and voluminous start. VIRAIR's marketing model is completely based on media affiliating. This system gives media 50% of the margin made on each sale by their exposure. VIRAIR's exploitation is by this marketing model (and the back office technology that support it) protected against high marketing costs. This marketing model makes it possible to get voluminous and profitable from day one of operation. VIRAIR's internet based bookingsengine will not only be connected with all mayor airlines. The webinterface also will be additional connected to all mayor third party hotel-, carrental- and roadfreight- bookingsengines worldwide. These additional engines will create a worldwide total service product for both passengers and freight. It also gives both VIRAIR and the connected media additional income on local services in the by VIRAIR engine connected cities and regions. VIRAIR's network and capacity is unlimited because both doesn't depend on limited own plane operations. This technical ability to use capacity of each flying airplane anywhere in the world, results in the most extended one brand timetable ever offered. VIRAIR will be operational end of 2004. The initiating team can be contacted on info@virair.com.


Planck is dedicated to Corporate and Governmental Strategy in a Global Economy